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Cattle Trailers

Trailers for sale bloemfontein. Cattle Trailers For Sale. Royal Tent offers the best cattle trailers that are ready to serve you. Cattle Trailer & Livestock Trailers for transportation of sheep, goats and cows. Single or double deck. Custom built livestock trailer which can be used for transportation of all live stock as well as non farming purposes.

Cargo Trailers

Trailers for sale bloemfontein. Trailers for sale by the manufacture to South Africa and importing direct into Africa. Trailers are basically an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle.

Trailers can be used for personal or small businesses with practically any powered vehicle having an appropriate hitch, but some trailers are part of large trucks called semi-trailer trucks for transportation of cargo.

All other load securing devices can be fitted as optional extras. All Royal Tents trailers have a galvanized chassis and start from as small as a 750kg single axle, double axle, brake or unbraked we do them all. All trailers come with a C.O.R but the Licensing is the customer’s responsibility.

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